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Our approach is one not to repeat what is already available on the internet, so instead of making a new site repeating the same that many other good resources, we rather link them. You can use this site as a hub for all those awesome resources.

Welcome to Aoimirai's Japan Travel site. On this page you will find tools to find the best Japan Rail Pass (also known as JR-Pass) for your trip, interest based suggestions for cities and places on major cities, budget calculation and much more.


Main tools

JR Passes Calculator

Add your trips inside Japan and check which Pass is best for you

City and places suggestions

Fill in your interests and get personalized suggestions for cities, places in the major cities or daytrips from a given city.

Japan Travel Budget

Add your travel style and time, and check an estimate budget for a trip to Japan

Tips and tricks

Tokyo 2020

Planning a trip to Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Top 10 mistakes to avoid

The fast and dirty way to prevent the worst mistakes

1-day Eastern Kyoto

Trying to fix one of the worst advices on the internet, this itinerary is actually optimized and good


Other sites

 Japan-Guide - One of the most complete guides for traveling in Japan, with pictures, transport tips and much more.

 TripAdvisor's Japan Overview - Not the best site to plan, but certainly well known and with plenty of reviews.

 JapanStation - Your one stop for everything about the major train stations in Japan.

 Reddit's Japan Travel - Questions? Read the rules before posting and beware the trolls.

 OnlineInJapan - A simple site mentioning and listing and comparing most ways to stay online in Japan with Pocket Wifi or SIM cards.

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