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With this tool, you can find an estimate budget for your trip to Japan. All the values are sourced from other travelers, booking sites and experiences from many travelers (mostly from reddit, but also my own).

This tool is integrated with the JR Passes Calculator, so you can create your itinerary on that tool, and then use the "Calculate this trip Budget" button to reach this page and auto-fill most values.

Most estimates err on the side of costly. As usual with any automatic calculator, you should use this as a base to your budget, and then perform further research for your guarantee and safety.

Budgets are per person.

 Sample Budgets Air-fare not included
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 Fill up your options for a estimate Budget

Check/Uncheck the questions you want to be calculated and returned in the final report.
Base currency
Select which base currency you want to use.

We suggest using Yen to get used to the amounts and currency. The best way to know how much things cost is to find a base exchange. Knowing how much ¥100 is in your currency is the best approach.
This is highly dependent on your country of origin, so please fill your estimates for the two-way cost.
Remember to factor in costs in your country to reach the airport, buying/preparing bags and so on. These costs are often forgotten by non-frequent flyers.
How long will you stay in Japan
This number will be used for other expenses and commute time (questions 4 and 5). Include all days (arrival and departure days too)
If you already know the prices of your selected stays, just fill them in here.
Remember, AirBnb is not legalized in Japan and can cancel without notice. Have a plan B if you use AirBnb.
Choose a budget option for your stays:

Stay price vary a lot between type and city, from very cheap hostels and guesthouses on the countyside, to expensive luxury hotels in big towns.
Most average hotels will vary between ¥2.500 and ¥15.000 a day, depending on town (big cities tend to be more costly)
How many people per room?
Since this calculator returns a per person budget, This will allow proper calculation of how it will cost per person
Food/Drink expenses mode

Expensive food doesn't necessarily will please you, and cheap food doesn't necessarily tastes bad. Selecting Cheap budget will only focus on low cost restaurants that can be very tasty.
Similarly, selecting High-end will focus on more expensive restaurants daily, but that doesn't necessarily mean it will either taste good (for you) or be healthy.
Don't forget, also, that if you eat very different food from what you are used to for several days, you might get digestive issues.
Entrances and fees for attractions

Most gardens and temples will charge a fee, but most fees are low, between ¥100 and ¥500.
The medium-spectre of fees is on Museums and Tall observatories, that can get up to ¥2.000.
This do not include super-expensive theme parks. For that, check "others".

It is always wise to plan for unexpected expenses like a cab or fees. You can also check the option for expensive theme parks (like Disney), which will add ¥10.000 to your budget.
Keep these unexpected expenses reserves in cash. Japan is a highly cash-oriented economy
A large group definition changes from place to place, but is often considered 5 or more in most places. Note some places will only accept groups with reservation (or full price will be charged).
How many days you will stay on each of the following cities:
Tokyo (and Metropolitan Area)
Kyoto and/or Osaka (also known as Kansai Metropolitan Area)
While most cities are served by a good amount of metro lines, Tokyo Metropolitan Area and Kansai Metropolitan Area (Kyoto+Osaka) are the ones you are most likelly to overuse the metro/overground metro system.
Other cities commute times will be calculated based on your answer on question 2.
Calculate your commuting between towns (and airports) and fill it here.Do not include trips covered by passes
You can refer to our JR Passes calculator to fill the trips you will perform and come up with the total, there is an option on it that loads data into this page ("Calculate budget for this trip").
Insert the total amound of Passes you will buy. Do not include pre-paid cards
This is how much you will be paying for Passes (JR-Pass, regional JR passes or other non-JR passes). You can check which are available or even worthy on our JR Passes calculator.
The calculator have a link to this page ("Calculate budget for this trip") that will auto-fill several of these questions for you.
Travel Insurance

Visa requirement

It is highly recommended you have at least a minimum Travel Insurance, and by Travel Insurance we mean a dedicated mode, not those "included" in most Credit Cards. Costs of medical care in foreign countries tend to be very high, and while Japan is not the more costly country for that, you never know what you might need.
Note that for some types of VISA, Travel Insurance is mandatory.

Tweak the output of the report with these options

 Result per person


Q. All values are in Yen (¥), why not allow users to choose their own currency?
Conventional exchange rate do not always translate accordinly to the diferent types of expenses. Air fare, Hotels, Trips, Passes and what you get from your ATM all use diferent taxes and fees. Also, in several countries costs will be translated to USD before going to YEN, which can break a direct exchange tool. For that reason, this tool uses the raw prices to avoid any weird variation. To get a general idea of the budget, you can simply calculate the total to your currency, but keep in mind the exchange rates and taxes used on different services do vary.
Q. How are stay estimates calculated and what are the sources?
Stay estimates are sourced from what most people have been paying, as well listings on booking sites. Since there is no single value, all estimates offer a range of prices inside your selected budget choice.
Q. Are AirBnB legal? Are they safe?
In Japan, AirBnB is not legal nor regulated, and renting a room or apartment for foreigners is illegal. For that reason, in rare occasions a host might cancel without notice if he feels the Police is on to it. As such, you should be prepared for the event that your AirBnB is canceled. An often used tactics for safety is to book a simple hotel that accepts cancelations with full refund up to one day before the reservation, and then you contact (directly) your AirBnB host one or two days before you arrive to confirm everything is ok. If it is, you can cancel the Hotel, otherwise, go straight to the Hotel. Ota-ku district in Tokyo and most of Osaka have areas where AirBnB are "allowed", thus being safer to book.
Q. What does the "How many people per room" option does?
Rooms for couples (twin-room, double-room, etc) are regular rooms with a twin bed or two beds and are often the exact same price. For that, in order to calculate your budget per person, choosing this option will divide the stay price by two.
Q. How do I figure trip values and passes?
You can use our JR Passes Calculator to fill out your itinerary, calculate the best passes for maximum savings, and from that page click "Calculate this trip Budget" to open this page with all that data imported.
Q. My budget is getting too high, any tips on reducing?
The bulk of the budget is usually the stay. Consider staying on cheaper places. Look out for passes that can get you savings, and eventually you can also switch train travel to night-bus travel, which is cheaper and saves you one stay each trip, but will be a lot more tiring.
Q. How do I find which cities and places would be better for me to visit in my travel?
We have a city and attractions suggestions page just for you

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