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Use this tool to get tips on places to visit in each selected town. Find attractions on select Japan cities, which cities to visit, or which day-trips. You will also get estimates on how long to expend on each place, estimated commute times, and their position in Google maps (always see a map to get your bearings!).

Also check our Japan Travel Budget tool and the JR-Passes Calculator.

Keep in mind the times are average estimates.

Recent changes on engine: fixed external site and maps; better ordering and UI

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 Attractions on a give city
Q. Can I choose where I will be staying to improve calculation?
No, but it wouldn't make much of a difference: it would only slightly change the first commute time, since the others are for the commute between attractions. The system already adds an extra time on the first commute of the day to account for that. Remember, these are rough estimates
Q. How places are ordered and chosen?
First, the places are chosen based on a score calculated from your options. Then, places are removed bottom first to accomodate for the chosen days (none are removed if you choose to see everything), finally, the days organized by a sector-based system to keep things in place. Because of that, some days might use more or less time due to positioning. In rare cases, places with high score might be removed because they are out of the way.

 Cities and general questions
Q. I have my Itinerary now, how do I find out which JR Passes are worth it for me?
Don't worry, we've got you covered!
Q. How do I figure out the Budget for a trip to Japan?
Again, we have got the tool for you. Note you can fill your itinerary on the link above and from there calculate the budget, the pages are integrated.
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